We currently use Stratus Telecom for our company Amber Employment Limited a recruitment company based in Ripley, we would wholeheartedly recommend Stratus Telecom any company that has a desire to engage in the latest telecoms platform to assist their business. 

Stratus Telecom provide us with a fully hosted telecom platform that gives us complete functionality to manage all of our calls in the way that suits our business. The key for us is that we do not lose any opportunity and what Stratus ensures is that we are always available for business.

Stratus also provide us with our broadband which has (touch wood) never given us any issues and has remained constantly operational since making the switch from my previous providers. The change over from providers was seamless and without issue which was a major concern for us, however this was managed by Stratus and caused us no problems.

We find that Stratus are very easily contactable, very easy to deal with and unlike a faceless corporate they realise that customer support is key for the growth of their own business.

It is without question that we would recommend Stratus Telecom 100%.